Inspired by Mari's recolor, I made FW-ODS-DVDSet into a row of books.  And I got some magazines for you, too.  受到Mari的改色启发,我找了许多素材,做了四款图书改色(实际上原MESH是一组DVD),同时我还有一些杂志送给各位模2爱好者们。 Enjoy the game! 

1. FW-ODS-DVD Set Recolor X 4  DVD改色X4 请把它们当做图书来用 (I don't know the owner of the mesh, but thank you for this beautiful mesh).   Download from Baidu

2. Padre Harlem Decor Magazines  Recolor X 8.  杂志改色八款。 Credits to Padre at TSR.   Download from Baidu