Download all my files here.  点此下载所有文件。Sometimes Baidu can be really mad. If you have any problem of download, please leave message on guestboard or send an email to me.   By the way, if you can't reach me, don't worry, you can contact Mari from Paisley Avenue, she'll upload my files...

我原来的NMS Chesterfield 切死得飞儿 沙发改色 TS3版可以下载了。感谢Simpaii妹纸! Download here.   Original TS2 version is here.

Some random recolors. I'm damn busy right now, so it's impossible to decor a whole room. 一些随机物品改色。三月份要断更了,实在没时间玩模拟人生,准备把时间全部投入到工作和考试中去。这次把所有下载都放在一个压缩包内,部分物品做了预览图。

Many thanks to YuxiStefforSenemmSalixMaronAdeleAikea Guinea

Download whole set here.  

Yuxi Fallout Chair TS3 version. Download here.

* Senemm Hanging Painting TS3 version. Download here.


A quick interior. I really don't have time to do decor and my DL folder is damn tiny, so there's not much to choose.

I used to list a lot of things I wanna recolor, but now they all become a heavy burden... I think I'll slow down a bit, but I'll continue to create recolor. 

30分钟搭的场景,D夹小的没东西能用了。随便摆弄一下,望各位看官别介意。想改色的文件越来越多,但每次看到那堆东西,瞬间无力....... 最近灵感也枯竭...... = =

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